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[REVIEW] Pokemon Pets
Hello everyone! I created a review for Pokemon Pets for my PC Gaming blog. Just wanted to share. 

Here is the review:
Here is my blog site:

I would very much appreciate your comments. Thank you! Smile

Reason for edit: Changed the blog URL.
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A awesome one indeed i like it include  more pics of shinies and famous legends Smile
hey ty all reviews help
nice review
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS-tfUb2gC5IwntG5iml9_...H1kQu2hqeE]
Thanks everyone! It's always a pleasure to make reviews for great games. Wink
By pet I mean one that you don't make incredibly strong and use only for the purpose of battling. For example, Tyranitar is very powerful but would a horrible pet as they're aggressive and eat mountains.
I'd choose Eevee and Alolan Vulpix undoubtedly, maybe also Bulbasaur and Mudkip. We'd all ride around on an Aurorus.
nice ghs

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