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Support the game and get awesome perks!

[Image: 49207128118_36bc5e16eb_o.png]

The new Prestige System can be reached out from this page.
The page link is positioned under the GamePage tab and named as Daily Activities.
You will also have a handy page under the Misc tab called Prestige Levels Table with all the exp requirements and different perks.

1) The Prestige System is a brand new system that will allow you to level up your Prestige Level based on activities inside the game.

2) Each activity will ask you to perform a determined amount of actions inside the game in order to be flagged as "completed". 

3) Each completed activity will automatically grant you a determined amount of points. When accumulating enough points, you will level up on the Prestige System, and your perks will be improved.

4) Each level will boost the amount of Bonus Gold, Bonus Experience, Escape counter multiplier and Stats of all your Pokemon in battle. You may refer to this page in order to see the required amount of points in order to level up, and the bonuses that you obtain on each level. You can also access this information on your Profile page.

5) The different activities that you can complete in order to obtain points and the amount of points obtained can be seen here: 

5.1) 1 wild Pokemon battle win: 5 points each, up to 10 wild Pokemon battle wins. After that, 0.5 points for each wild Pokemon defeated, up to 100 wild Pokemon. 100 points in total after 110 wild Pokemon defeated.

5.2) 1 NPC Pokemon battle win: 5 points each, up to 10 trainer wins. After that, 1 NPC battle win: 1 point, up to 50 trainer wins. 100 points in total after 60 NPC trainers defeated.

5.3) 1 daily boss battle (attempt > at least 10 rounds): 50 points.

5.4) 1 daily boss battle win: 50 points.

5.5) Damage in Guild Quest: 1 point for each (Guild level x 10) damage, up to (Guild level x 10) x 50 damage. Example, if the guild is level 50, then it’ll be (50 x 10 = 500) damage each point, 10,000 damage total. 50 points in total.

5.6) Levels ascended on the endless tower: 5 points for each level, up to 10 levels. 50 points in total.

5.7) ELO PvP battles: 10 points, up to 5 PvP battles. 50 points in total

5.8) 1 Guild war battle: 50 points.

6) You can daily reset your Daily Activity progress by paying gold and silver medals. The price will be determined by your current Prestige Level, and it follows the formula:
Current Prestige level x 100,000 gold, and (Current Prestige level / 10) + 1 silver medals.
Example, if your Prestige level is 25, then it would cost 25 x 100,000 = 2,500,000 gold, and (25 / 10) + 1 = 2 + 1 = 3 silver medals.

6.1) Have in mind that, if you pay for resetting the progress of the Daily Activities, it will also reset those which progress was unfinished. So, for example, if you defeated 38 trainers, and then you reset the daily activities, you will go back to 0 defeated trainers, which means you won't be able to get the missing points from the previous progress (but you'll be able to defeat 60 trainers and collect the full points).

6.2) Since this is Daily Activities, it will get automatically reset every day at 7 AM game time. It will match the ranking update time, as well as the trainer reset time, etc...

7) As a completely optional method, you can boost the number of points you can get with this system and even get free resets (between other features) by supporting the server with a donation. The donation is performed through a Patreon subscription or Skrill payment, and it will enable several advantages for a lapse of one month. You may see all the information related to this feature on this page, although we will make a resume here:

7.1) By paying a monthly subscription on the Patreon page or sending money via Skrill, you will be able to give support to the game so it can keep running the way it is: totally free. Not only that, but you will also get some cool perks, like ad-free browsing, boosted Prestige Points, free resets and such.

7.2) In order to balance things out, there's a limit of money you can pay, so free to play players won't get too behind. Donating will give you benefits so you can advance faster than other players, but free players can catch up on the progress by resetting the Daily activities or playing more.

8) The bonuses obtained by the Prestige System are as follows:

8.1) Gold Bonus: You will receive an additional amount of gold received from any battle. The percentage obtained here will be added to the current Gold bonus, so it stacks (doesn't multiply). For example, if your current gold bonus is 170% and your Prestige Level is 30, you will obtain a 20% more gold bonus, so your final gold bonus will be 190%.

8.2) Experience Bonus: You will receive an additional amount of experience points received from any battle. The percentage obtained here will be added to the current Experience bonus, so it stacks (doesn't multiply). For example, if your current experience bonus is 170% and your Prestige Level is 30, you will obtain a 20% more experience bonus, so your final experience bonus will be 190%.

8.3) Bonus Escape Counter: You will get a multiplier to the Escape Counter of every type. Basically, your final Escape Counter will be multiplied by this percentage. For example, if your Ultra Rare Escape Counter amount is 500, and your Prestige level is 30, then your Escape Counter will be increased by 20%. That means 500 * 1.20 = 600. This affects to Ultra Rare, Legendary and Shiny Escape Counters, and it's calculated after adding the Escape Counter amount from the Account Bound items.

8.4) Stat Bonus: All the stats of your Pokemon will be increased by a determined percentage. This bonus will be added to the current stat bonuses (from guild, account level and account-bound items) and will affect the following stats of your Pokemon in battle: Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, Critical, Accuracy, Evasion and Speed.

[Image: 49207128118_36bc5e16eb_o.png]

→ Official Discord Channel (Definitely Join)
→ Official Facebook Page
→ Official Twitter Page
→ Official Instagram Page
→ Official Deviantart Page
→ Official Reddit Page
→ Official Pinterest Page
→ Official Youtube Page
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  • briley
I love pokemon pets it is amazing thanks for creating the game.
I chose litten because it evolves into one of my favorite pokemon
i almost got a shiny pokemon
I love pokemon pets it is amazing thanks for creating the game  Smile.

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