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Pokemonpets Protection Team/Move Requests/Pokemon Requests
This thread is where u go to request moves and join the Pokemonpets Protection Team.And request pokes.
I will request a move right now:
Name:Final Guard
Raises Defense stat by 4 stages.
Raises SP Defense stat by 2 stages.
Base Power:1
Name:Final Crash
Base Power:100
Raises Attack stat by 3 stages.
Raises SP Attack stat by 1 stage.
And here is a poke 2 start it off with:
Base Level:40
Class:Ultra Rare
Base Moveset:
Final Guard
Final Crash
Earth Power
Maps found:
Route 1:Starfall Town
Route 457:Sky Dragon City
Route 75:Tarantula Path
Team Chart(I update when ppl join):
Rule Follower(Me)(Creator of team)
CeFurkan(Team Idol)(Automatic Member)
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