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PokemonPets 1st Grand Tournament Details
The announcement of very first grand tournament of PokemonPets

Sponsored by player Snor

The tournament will begin at 10 July 2021, at 5 PM game time (same as UTC)

The tournament registrations will start at 9 July 2021, at 5 PM game time

Only top 32 ELO ranked players will be allowed to join the tournament

The tournament will be free for all (any Pokemon is allowed)

This tournament have special rewards (since it is sponsored)

Tournament gold reward will be 1,000,000,000

Rank 1 player : Picks any Shiny Pokemon (not mega or giga) he wants, all IVs are 30, IV change is activated, ability change is activated, nature change is activated. Rank 1 player will be displayed in tournaments page as the 1st grand tournament winner permanently. A special held item (Sword and Shield) that is not sold or found in the game (15% attack and 10% defense)

Rank 2 player : A Shiny Lapras Pokemon, all IVs are 30, IV change is activated, ability change is activated, nature change is activated

Rank 3 player : A Shiny Pikachu Pokemon, all IVs are 30, IV change is activated, ability change is activated, nature change is activated

All participants will get 10 shiny Pokemon eggs and 100 silver medals

Some of the rewards will be given by me manually after the tournament ended

No alt accounts are allowed. If you use alt account, you will be permanently banned from all grand tournaments. All of your rewards will be void - you will get nothing

You can also be the sponsor of next grand tournament if you want. Contact me for more details
How to create a grand tournament?
Nice to meet you!
(2021-07-08, 07:57 AM)Persian Wrote: How to create a grand tournament?

you can with sponsoring by donation
Are you excited for the upcoming PokemonPets 1st Grand Tournament? What are you most looking forward to?
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How to create a grand tournament?
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Where can I join it?
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Excitement levels through the roof for the 1st Grand Tournament! ? As an avid trainer, I'm eagerly anticipating all the thrilling battles and strategic moves. Kudos to the team behind this event, showcasing the immense potential of the PokemonPets platform. This kind of innovation is a testament to the prowess of an enterprise app development company like yours. Your custom app development skills shine through, providing a seamless experience for trainers across Android and iOS. Keep up the fantastic work!
The 1st Grand Tournament was really quite good
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