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Pokemon High School(SEASON 2)
It is the moment yall have waited for!!!!SEASON 2!!!!So lets DO THIS!!!Make your own character to be in the story.
Chapter 4:The story continues
Grant was walking at night.Tokyo was at home eating dinner.Grant saw Ruffster outside again.Grant said"You silly puppy!!!".Grant went back to the house with Ruffster.He ate and went to bed.In the morning,he RACED to school.He got there just when the bell rang.Tokyo said"Hey,Grant^^"Grant said"Hi,Tokyo^^".They went to class.
Chapter 4: The narrative goes on.
At night, Grant was out on foot.
At home, Tokyo was enjoying dinner.
Grant once more noticed Ruffster outside.
Grant exclaimed, "You foolish puppy!"
Ruffster and Grant returned to the house.
After dinner, he went to bed.
He rushed to school in the morning.
Just as the bell rang, he arrived.
Hey, Grant, said Tokyo.
"Hello, Tokyo," said Grant. drift boss
To class they went.
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