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Pokemon High School(SEASON 1)
HI,PPL!!!Here is the the start of...dun...dun...dun...POKEMON HIGH SCHOOL!!!My own fiction roleplay^^I MAY update the chapters sometimes because some ppl may enter character info and they get their character in the RP^^
Speaking of characters,
Mine is:
Name:Grant Maylasta
Personality:He likes games.He stands up for himself and others.He talks in the neccessary tone.
Moves are: Psychic,Slash,PsyShock,Surf
Chapter 1:New Student
It was a great day at Cyllage City,where grant moved to.His mom said"Son,its time for school".Grant said"Ready to go to my new Highschool^^".He took his bicycle and rode to Pokemon High School.He went to Math class.The teacher said"All right,students.What's 8x8?".Grant raised his hand and the teacher said"Yes,Grant?".Grant said"64!!!8x8 is 64!!!!"the teacher said"Correct!!!Students,what's 100x20?"Grant said"Uh...2000!!!"the teacher said"CORRECT!!!1 more math problem,ppl.200x15."Grant said"Um...3000!!!!"the teacher said"CORRECT!!!Math class is over!!!".The Math bell rang.The teacher said"There's the Math bell!!!Go take a break.".Grant sat with Tokyo Cyndalatas.Tokyo said"Hi,Grant^^".Grant said"Hi,my friend Tokyo^^Long time,no see since Pokemon Junior High^^"Tokyo said"Yep^^".
To be continued.
Let's review new characters from the story.
Name:Tokyo CyndaLatas:
Moves:Fairy Wind,Moonblast,Psybeam,Slash
Personality:A good friend.
Chapter 2:The bully
It was 3:00 PM so Grant was heading home.On the way,he saw a bully bullying his friend Tokyo.He went over there.The bully said"Mind your business,nerd.".Grant said"NO!!!THIS IS NOT OK!!!!YOU LEAVE MY FRIEND ALONE!!!".The bully said"Ok.BATTLE FOR HIM!!!!"Grant said"Stakes are I win,you give Tokyo back.I lose,you get a couple of my TM disks."the bully said"Ok.LET'S BATTLE!!!!!"Grant used Surf and the bully used Power-Up Punch.Grant used Psychic and the bully used Power-Up Punch.Grant knocked out the bully with PsyShock and scared him off with Slash.Tokyo said"Thanks,Grant^^".Grant said"No problem,Tokyo^^If you see a bully you cannot stand up to,call me.".Tokyo said"Ok^^"
To be continued.
Let's review characters again.
Gory Mask(The bully)
Personality:Bullying others
Moves:Power-Up-Punch,Aura Sphere,High Jump Kick,Bone Rush
Chapter 3:Making new friends
Grant and Tokyo went to the park,swam in the pool then played in the playground of the park.As Grant and Tokyo were walking,Grant saw that Ruffster got out again.Grant said"Ruffster,go back to the house^^'".Ruffster said"Ruff!!!Ruff!!!Woof!!!Bark!!!!".As the 2 friends walked,they saw someone on the slide and when she slid down,she ran to Grant and Tokyo.The little girl said"The bullies are after me!Help,pwease!!!".Tokyo said"I can do this.Ill get em this time,Grant!!!Little girl,don't you worry!!!"Grant said"That's the spirit,tokyo!!!".5 minutes later,Tokyo won the battle.They had a new friend.
And this is available until 8-01-2019.
Great! Pokemon is back and more fun. I like it
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