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CeF,I thinkin Pokemon Fusion^^
U can go to Your Pokemon Team page and click/press Pokemon Fusion on 2 pokemon and stats may go up or down or both.And depending on what 2 pokemon get fused is effective to how much the stats change
Example:Gyarados-Marowak>Fused>Gyarawak>Attack Stat Raised:10,Defense Stat Raised:4,Speed Stat Lowered:2
i dont plan fusion

but we have fusion pokemon which you can capture
The game would absorb more players if we added THIS fun feature^^
Every year is awesome.
What new features are being added?
Sonic exe . I don't think there will be any more new features.
I often use the information you provide in your blogs to keep current, but I believe today's blog is the most beneficial.
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Thanks for this! This'll really help once
So much useful information about Pokemon
Very great with the news
If you go to Your Pokemon Team and click or press Pokemon Fusion on two Pokemon, their stats may increase, decrease, or fluctuate both ways. And the amount that the stats alter depends on which two Pokemon are fused. Fun Games
If we included THIS interesting element, the game would attract more players.
That's great news!
I will try it when I have time.
There are more and more players.
good idea
What do you have to do to get this

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