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Well,in original pkmn games,there is noname poke to hunt.
Well,I thought we could hv nonames in event page.With nonames,we would add (Noname) next to the event pokemon.
(Note:Nonames have slight chance to appear on event page in my sugestion)
So when u find noname event,instead of saying the pokemon's name,it would be blank because of being a noname.
And also add them to Reward Shop and Daily Rewards as a class between Shiny and Starter:pWorth 25 Silver Medal:p
They have gud IV,Nature and Ability with good moveset:p
So yeah,Im typing so much so hope u read this
Hope ur fine,all u guys Smile
High ho!Away!
Lol,I might be being silly:o
Cool Lol,silly nilly me
No care in the world Tongue
Whos hungry?O-o Wink
I got u covered Cool

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