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Since as far as i've seen 100% of the community dislikes the 3D sprites, i will open a thread to collect voices to get rid of them.
They lack depth 
They lack detail
they make more of a cartoon network series feel like bob the builder or comparable.
So i want the 2D art back

M30 - Galliant
tl;dr The new sprites suck. :/
3d sprites are fine but they shud be used only for shinies.
nothing good about these new poke portraits, if i wanted to see crappy 3D versions of pokemon id buy a pokmon game on gamecube.

boo sniggle
if 3d sprites dont go it dilikes all people about pokemon images
[Image: 1685761.jpg]
OMG why why are they in this great looking game oh i don't know but they are bad thing
they make me sick Sad
I agree with you. New images is very bad =( not charismatic, not cute, only ugly
Angry I absolutely despise the 3d sprites, I want the 2d art back. It ruined the look of most of my favorite pokemon.
yes they will be replaced asap Smile

actually i am gonna start working replacing them tonight with a lot better ones
I don't mind them really. 99%


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