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No more run away from shinies
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Can you put a confirm message everytime we try to run from a shiny ( just for shiny pokemon)? Big Grin
(2014-10-19, 01:10 PM)Dinian Wrote: Can you put a confirm message everytime we try to run from a shiny ( just for shiny pokemon)? Big Grin

sure i'm acceptedBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin
I doubt he will do that, since the odds of having a captcha show up on a legend are not that good, only a few have had the captcha stop them from running away from a shiny. It means you were just spamming the run button and did not bother to take the time to see the image or name, take your time hunting. I have had a few captchas stop me from running away from a few legends, but never shiny, so i always try to stay really focus incase i do find one, even though i am not lookin for it.
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You' re right, my bad if I loose my focus and I run away from a shiny ( It' s my first and only time). Anyway I read everyday in chat that someone miss a shiny so if it's so common he could consider to do that, I mean he has done it for when you try to release a pokemon in the wild so it's not so different
well unfortunately that makes it open to abuse Big Grin
That is true because player don't really pay attention to the pokemon they are running fromSmile.
it has been said no to this alot of times and will still be so
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thats only make this game become easier Tongue
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Sometimes you spend 4-6 hours, maybe days on a map, when you find this shiny and run from it´s such a pain... So bad that your suggestion wont be implemented dinian cause to me seems so nice.
Where's the fun if this game becomes easy? Isn't it easy enough?

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