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Newbies experience
With people giving new players high lvl poke it kills your effort of making it challenging n a new experience for them. Played this game ignoring the chat not really communicating n it was great, caught and trained researched pokes for my team and that was entertaining.

After you finish the gyms all that's left is hunting lol -.- which get boring after a while. I'm guilty of giving high lvl legends to new ppl but it's best for them to experience the full effect of the game.

*Suggestion is to limit the lvl of the pokes they can get from trading base on the amount of gyms they have beaten. Having no badge, you can get max lvl20 then at some point lvl40,lvl60,lvl80 then no restrictions.* 

Since we get our badges reset another option is to allow trades based on the highest lvl poke u have in your pc plus 20. Ex. lvl20 pikachu +20 = max lvl you can trade for is a lvl40 poke.
[Image: Arcanine.full.51846.jpg]
No need for a mechanic like that.
People should be free to experience this game however they like.

It's the players fault for giving too much to newbs,
And it's the players fault asking for too much.

If you see someone beg/ask for stuff, it is almost guaranteed, that that player quits anyways.
Those people lack what's needed for this game, being;
2.the will and interest.

So a clear no from my side.

M30 - Galliant
No. The game would need to be rebalanced for this to be even considered, I will be making a thread soon on why. This game is actually impossible without trades because whoever did balancing did a poor job. You have to beat a level 40 when you have level 20 mons, and grinding to level 40 vs level 20s would take days. This then happens not much further in the game where you have to defeat level 99 legendaries with only level 40s to train on. Forcing you to again, buy a mon from someone else. I have a hard time believing anyone actually did these grinds by hand without trades.

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