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I would like to suggest a new topic, for either the 
Market - Section
or for the Community section.
People are offering
Leveling and Ev-Training services, so a topic, specifically for advertising those things would be good.
Since the market section is mainly focused around "spending money on stuff" i'd suggest that section.

Currently, the Bazaar section is being used, which is not really the right place to advertise that stuff imo.

The Topic should be called simply "Services"
Advertise / look for services of players.

M30 - Galliant
you can open topic

or you want new section ?
Oh did i confuse the term ? haha
Yeah i want a new section in the market.
You know that with the pikachu emblem infront ^^
So that the fitting sections have the respective topics and threads in them and to have a better overview.

M30 - Galliant
yeah i agree with this 1 with all the threads going into a section this one would help in sorting and searching them out
my noob IGN Staff 
[Image: fc1ria.jpg]
*Credits to malvagioDemente for this awesome sig*
Might be nice to have thatSmile.
(2015-03-17, 08:48 PM)CeFurkan Wrote: done :

do you suggest any description

"Look for other players services, or advertise your own in here, like hunting / leveling / ev-ing."

P.s.: thanks for that Big Grin already moved the service threads to the fitting new section Smile

M30 - Galliant
Nice work
hello !!! Big Grin

Dodgy anyone knows how to be master chat ?
this is good idea
really a good idea blau
[Image: 1685761.jpg]
Good idea.

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