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New Here Need some Help!
Hello, I have a few questions. Also if anyone wants to add me as a friend they can, I'm friendly and would also like to make friends Big Grin

1. When in Adventure and your walking around, at the top it will say a Shiny Pokemon and a time limit. Is the time limit for how long the pokemon will stay around or will it pop up after the timer is up? 

2. Can you breed pokemon in the game to get eggs? I know you can get eggs by defeating NPC's and pokemon. Just wondering if there was a breeding system or not. 

3. HM's I have bought Fly and Surf, but Do I need to get Cut, Strength and Rock Smash. Is there any breakable things along the way and then I would need to buy those, like in the game versions for Game Boy/Nintendo Ds or other game system. What do they look like if you can use cut, or smash rocks, or even move them. If you can do that?

4. Is there gyms? Like is there buildings that say Gym or is there some sort of secret or something that you just stumble upon or something interesting? 

5. Do all the shops have the same inventory to buy things or do some have different items?

6. Can you get Shiny Pokemon from random eggs from NPCs/Pokemon in Adventure Mode?
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Hello welcome

1: it is timer for how long it will stay

2: we dont have breeding system unfortunately

3: you only need HM and Fly. others are not working

4: yes we have gyms. each zone have 1 gym. you can use search map feature :

5: they all are same

6: yes you can get
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well you have a lot of question and one of them is the same as me.
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