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Hello everyone, i saw a post in monstermmorpg where CeF said he could implement new badges if he had the .jpg, so here they are:

NOTE: all of them are from pokemon, and some dont match their real type.


Stone:[Image: insg_k1.gif][Image: 01.gif]
Water:[Image: 92776498.gif] [Image: 02.gif]
Light: [Image: 83374740.gif] [Image: 03.gif]

Mixed: [Image: 43208083.gif] [Image: 05.gif]

Psychic:[Image: 48101511.gif][Image: 06.gif]

Fire:  [Image: 90044344.gif][Image: 07.gif]
Grass:[Image: 47139931.gif][Image: 08.gif]

Bug: [Image: Hive_Badge.png][Image: 14.gif]

Ghost: [Image: Fog_Badge.png][Image: 16.gif]

Ice: [Image: Glacier_Badge.png] [Image: 19.gif]

Fighting: [Image: Storm_Badge.png][Image: 17.gif]

Steel: [Image: Mineral_Badge.png] [Image: 18.gif]

Dragon: [Image: Rising_Badge.png][Image: 20.gif]

Flying: [Image: 01.gif][Image: 13.gif]

Normal: [Image: Plain_Badge.png][Image: 15.gif]

Poison: [Image: 50px-Relic_Badge.png][Image: 33.gif]

Electric: [Image: 50px-Bolt_Badge.png]

Sand: [Image: Stone_Badge.png][Image: 21.gif]

Dark:[Image: 50px-Coal_Badge.png] [Image: 29.gif]

We could do this, however I seem to really like the current ones Tongue
Actually if members want to have the badges from the game Cef will more then likely keep this in mind, the only thing is I am sure we need a total of 19, one for each zone and a element badge that matches the zone name. Thank you Newton for sharing with us this, i like them. Also the light arena will become the Fairy arena, so we could use the new badge design for the Fairy gym in Gen 6 game IMO.
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hmm i like the badges
(2014-08-19, 08:44 AM)alkimo Wrote: nice!

some badges are good like grass etc.but other which are not matching to the pokemon serial are not so goodUndecided

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