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New Abilities Suggestion
Here are some ideas for new abilities already in the official game or some i came up with. This are the start of concepts open to update, change and suggestions. This is just to get the ball rolling. Will update thread with suggestions and ideals over time.

Ability:    Effect:
Aerilate: Turns Normal-type moves into Flying-type moves.
Pixilate:  Turns Normal-type moves into Fairy-type moves.
ContraryMakes stat changes have an opposite effect.(moves that increase stats decrease it and vice versa
Darkilate: Turns Normal-type moves into Dark-type moves.
Feirilate:  Turns Normal-type moves into Fire-type moves.
Cute Charm: Moves that make physical contact may cause infatuation (same effect as paralysis) the pokemon has to have a gender and be the opposite gender
Wonder guard:  Only Super effective moves hit the pokemon is immune to all other types (status moves still work)
Ignition: Increase the percent to find starter pokemon (Makes .1 into .8 or .4 , there is no reason for starter pokemon to have that much rarity when they are weak. The .1 can be reserved for shiny starter event)
These Rocks are yung! I said with a posed look
(2019-01-31, 06:29 PM)ASHHSA Wrote: The ability likes increases the pokemon's speed stats by 40% or 50%,but decreases the pokemon's defense and  
special defense stat by 15% or 30%.

which ability
These Rocks are yung! I said with a posed look
what other players think about these?
Following this thread to know more
What do you all think about this?
That's great.
I love these suggestions
I want to add new abilities
Kindly someone tell me the procedure. I don't know how

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