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NecroEdje Hunting Service
Hello, I am NecroEdje.

I will hunt any pokemon you need.

To request me to hunt a pokemon send me a private message in-game, with "Hunt" as the subject and the name and specific requirements of what you want. PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST HUNTS HERE AS I WILL NOT BE CHECKING HERE!

I will hunt for pokemon with any specific requirements, such as: gender, nature, or specific iv requirements.

I do not yet know how to price pokemon very well, so I have no prices to quote yet. I tend to ask the CMs for good prices, then alter them based on class and requirements.

Pokemon that can only be found in caves or while walking on water may take longer than other methods, and I will charge SLIGHTLY more for these, due to having to spend more time hunting them.

I will charge SLIGHTLY more for pokemon with gender requirements, unless they are ultra-rare or higher in class, then I will charge SIGNIFICANTLY more.

I will charge SIGNIFICANTLY more for any pokemon with a nature requirement.

I will charge SIGNIFICANTLY TO MASSIVELY more for any pokemon with iv requirements, depending on how many, and how high, is requested.

I cannot give a time frame in which i will complete the hunt, it is all dependent on my luck and how many hunts I am doing at the moment.

I will send a private message with the name of the desired pokemon as the subject, saying "hunt completed", when I finish.

Sincerely, NecroEdje Big Grin
Necro rarity decides pricing , but then we see a pattern of classes being preferred over rarity

example : shiny will go for say 100m ( occurrence 0.01%)

but a adamant scyther for much lesser though 0.4% x 1/25 ( 1 out of 25 natures ) =  0.016% which is not that higher than shiny

if i hunt on demand I only take requirements and approximate budget , but its always on exact ivs and nature ( or in case of shinys even location coz everybody hates cave and fishing shiny hunting ) that actual cost is decided before trade
hunt all those commons which i dont have no matter what iv and nature.but the lvl of each pokemon should be higher than 60

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