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Setu's suggestions :-
1. Mark as important
Some of Private messages are very important and if is was send or received before time. We all need to find it and than open it by this our time is also wasted. So i will suggest that important message search option and mark this message as important option is should be their. 
2. Previous owner of the Pokemon

If I got trade offer to my Pokemon about 5 months ago and i need my Pokemon which was offered my another trainer. And i forgot that trainer's name so what i do. I have a suggestion about  that if  their was a 3 previous trainer name on Pokemon's detailed page we need to able to find that trainer and try to got my that Pokemon back.

3.Use of Ctrl + Z
I listen from many trainers that he/she not able to catch a S/SL/L/Starter or others because by mistake they click on try run so i have a suggestion that in game page their is option for Ctrl + z so ,that if they are click on try run the were go back and click again to battle. But i think it is for only 3 time and its use is in place where we find Pokemon and battle means game not in chat or in battle page or if you want to add this shortcut on chat screen to recover my message or in battle its your decision Cef.
4. Suggestors or idea developers

Cef those trainer who suggest you more than 30 post of only suggestions are be mentioned as Suggestors or develop idea more than 25 are known as idea developers like art designers .

5. Disable badge system
Many trainers don't want that their badges are reset because they won those badges very difficulty so i suggests that their have a option in CP that disable badge reset system. In this their badges are reset if they turn off it and if they turn on it their badges are not reset by this if trainers won 19 badge they reset it and active in game.
6. Mix pokemons
We all knows that their are mix pokemons are coming by these days so, in the pokedex, our pokemon, pokemon detail page and in other places their should be mix pokemons are mentioned as if it is L it is known as Mix ledgendary if it is Ultrarare it is known as Mix ultrarare or if it is shiny it is known as Mix Shiny L,UR,R,C,UC or others.
7.Capture screenshots
I see that many trainers don't capture screenshots to post it on forum so, in game page option their should be Capture screenshot option is available so that trainers should get help from it. 
8.Direct pm to game
Many were on mobile so they don't pm easily and on java mobiles we are able to use it very easily so, their is an option in reply where email find or other thing are written and also in place where unread messages and view new post are mentioned that pm directly in game's pm so its easy for trainers.
9. go to page no directly
Hey Cef i see that their are many pages in shop bottom and than we click it than next so their should be a option that write pg no than we go directly on that pg no. How many pages are their in shop is also mentioned.
If i think more suggestion in this thread will updated by me.

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great setu , all suggetion are good.Wink
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For trainers that are still running away from pokes by mistake they are just careless, haven't ran from anything by mistake after needing conformation.
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hmm bookmarked maybe 2 of them can be added
these are good suggestions all many are useful for game
very nice ideas specialy the 3rd one
nice ideas. !!

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