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Move request(Inspired by Beyblade)(U may post requests here,too.)
Here is the description of the moves I want added to pokemonpets:
Name:Cyclone Wall
Base Power:1
Increases user's Defense Stat by 2 stages
Increases user's SPDefense by 1 stage
If used by a Fighting or Flying type,effect doubles.
Good move,right?
"If used by a Fighting or Flying type,the effect doubles"would make DEF stat raise by 4 stages and SPDef would raise by 2 stages.
Next 1:
Name:Cyclone Counter
Base Power:80
Category is Physical
BP doubles if the following effects occur:
A Flying or Fighting type uses this,If used by a pokemon with the ATK stat highest,Using Cyclone Wall 2 times before Cyclone Counter's use.
Good move?
Here is a pokemon we could add to pokemonpets to start this off:
Here is my suggestion:
Class:Ultra Rare
Base Moveset:
Cyclone Wall
Cyclone Counter
Ancient Power
I am gonna request this move,too:
Name:Cyclone Blast
Raises SPATK stat by 2 stages.
It’s not often a game will admit to its flaws and then not only promise on taking a step back to rethink and make things better but actually successfully do so, while I can’t exactly say that what they have lined up in the near future is going to be perfect or the best for the game, I can definitely say that I’m excited and pumped to play Masters come 2020 and whole heartedly expect to drop a bit of cash if what they’ve changed actually makes the games a whole lot more fun and worth the grind!!
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