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Mega's Needed
Hey guys. I just wanted to suggest adding 2 more mega's to the game, i think adding them is necessary since their evolution doesnt make sense... Ex: Shiny-Mega-Lunala~~Evolves into~~ Shiny-Mega-Solgaleo Ex2: Lycanroc Day~~ Evolves into~~ Mega-Lycanroc-Night. I think these two need their own mega, your comments? Note: there may be more Pokemon examples like this in the game. But these are the only 2 I've noticed so far.
Good suggestion!!
Oh yeah thats a nice idea eevee. I noticed it too good that you poibted it out
     [Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSTLRXONkHvVSW_ynULCdb...PRciKQStG4]
Quote:"trust is like a eraser,it gets smaller and smaller after every mistake" 

You are right, These two should definately have a mega
if we can find a good image with permission why not we can add

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