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Life's River By Malachi Choo
(Hey Guys!~ Before you start reading this, I just want to let you know this fanfic is based on me in real life, although if that's not allowed then I'll take it down then, hopefully you guys enjoy this story!)

(Also by the way I'm a boy in this story, don't take it personally please!~)

(Also!! Quick headsup this WILL include some things I love!! Like creepypasta etc.)

Chapter 1: Life's Pleasures
I woke up in my cold, dark room, waking up to screaming of an alarm clock near me, I turn it off and start the day of my head throbbing with ecstatic pain, a few minutes later it stopped and I then proceeded to get ready for the day. "Hi, my name is Dia and I'm 16 years old, dropped out of high school due to the lack of a challenge, I am part demon, always have been since I was born, born from a demonic father and a human mother, during each of my birthdays I have discovered powers slowly developing, well I'm glad to meet you~ I hope you can share my story too!" Well as I float downstairs to prepare for school, I hear someone knocking at the door, so I did what any normal person would do and opened the door to find two people at my door, a guy with black hair and a smile carved in his face, his white hoodie glowing, the other another guy, but, with a blue mask with black tar coming out of his eye sockets. "Oh, it's just you lot~ and what pleasure do I get to have a visit from you guys?" Dia teased the two boys. "Hey Dia, we wanted you to come with us to the River of Life!~" said the boy with the white hoodie. "But, isn't that place a myth Jeff?~" Dia gasped with sarcasm. "I went there's real, full of life, apparently it's filled with life's pleasures"
"Some people treat love as a tool, others treat love as a caring manner. If love was like a delicate flower blossoming, and you were to break that flower, how would you feel?"

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