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need any thing level just ask my prices are cheap.
if u want another person go to red he do it to.
I will give pokes back just offer the poke i trade u and u gave it back leveled or ev trained 
i am not a thief I Will return them

Common: 100k
Uncommon: 200k
Rare: 500k 
UltraRare: 1 Million
Legendary: 5 Million
Shiny: 10 Million
Shiny Legendary: 15 Million

Also heres some hunting music
The maximum exp for commons is 60mil mostly and for shiny-legendary is 200 mil then i can't understand why there is such a huge difference in leveling up prices.
And there is always a requirement of 510 EV points for a Pokemon so having price differences on the basis of class is pointless.

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