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I have a suggestion that in the forum their is a new topic lets know more by this many new things about pokemon such as who is god of pokemon or who is known as a god of time or who makes raikou,sucuine and entei. And in this also trainers also able to post screenshots of pokemon tv series or other questions. In this no thing are related to game means game off.
Please support me And tell me that is this is a good suggestion by reply.
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Well, as far as I know, gods and anything related to religion is off topics, also you can find what you're looking for on many websites
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What A Drag...
Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin yes understend
There is no other god than Almighty Creator so such nonsense things strictly prohibited in our game

Always remember all of these are fiction and real life is one day everybody will die and there will be consequences of this very short life

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