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Hello guys 
I have my
For bid 
People who got the best bid wins 
Comment your bids Smile
Hurry Big GrinBig Grin
Don't worry guys this bid will end at 9/26/15 ( SATURDAY )

Starting price: 1,000
Minimum Bid: 100,000,000
End Date: September 26, 2015 
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100 gold
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So Live a Life You Will Remember
-Avicii: The Nights
Any higher? Smile
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Anyone will beat 15m?

Event will end at 9/22/15
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15.1m gold
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P.S. Unlisted you can't find me here ;-)
You should set up limits of how much they can bid:
Minimum bid: 1-5mil etc or something, otherwise people can easily go up by 100 gold and it will take ages

Set it up like this:
Starting price: X
Minimum Bid: X
End Date: X
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i bid i billion dollars [Image: hqdefault.jpg]just kidding i don't got that kind of money
i fight Because that's what i was made for                              [Image: view?resolution=2560x1600&file=MjM4OXgxO...g4Nl93YQ==]
haha Smile
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