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Legendary abilities
Give legendary pokes a exclusive ability that goes along with their old 3 ability or replace one for the new one. Came to this idea by thinking aren't legendary pokes suppose to be unique having unique ability only it or 1 or 2 other pokemon knows? Which is one of the main things that separate them from reg pokes.
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(2015-08-29, 05:54 AM)mailmeharry2008 Wrote: then what will u do for shinies, will u suggest them to have 5 abis :p ???

Are shinnies special base on the pokemon world where they have different ability? So try trolling when you understand what someone wrote. Don't even reply cause I been stop debating with you, making no sense and contradicting prior sayings.
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Legendary abilities!
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Therefore, try trolling if you comprehend what someone has written. I've stopped debating with you because you make no sense and contradict previous statements.

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