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Knowledge Gym Leader
Decided to make a list of pokemon need for the Knowledge gym leader because that seems like the trouble people are having in the gym so here's the list:

Abilities: Cautious, Slow Tough, Slow Strong
Nature: Calm
Moveset: Sparkly Swirl, Substitute, Calm Mind, Wish
Evs: 252 hp, 252 Special Defense, 6 Defense

Abilities: Effect Expert, Radiation, Accuracy Master
Nature: Modest
Moveset: Imprison, Bind, Hex, Calm Mind
Evs: 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed, 6 hp

Abilities: Camouflage, Cautious, Slow Tough
Nature: Calm
Moveset: Taunt, Torment, Screech, Protect
Evs: 252 Defense, 252 Special Defense,6 hp

Abilities: Caution, Slow Tough, Camouflage
Nature: Bold
Moveset: Protect, Work up, Baton pass, Laser Focus
Evs: 252 Defense, 252 Special Defense, 6 hp

Abilities: Evasion Master, Slow Strong, Slow Tough
Nature: Adamant
Moveset: Drain Punch, Knock off, Power Trip, Fire Punch
Evs: 252 Attack, 128 Defense, 130 Special Defense

Abilities: None
Nature: None
Moveset: Trick, Sandstorm, Protect, Recover
Evs: 252 Defense, 252 Special Defense, 6 hp

Start with Sylveon to debuff and heal, it can take down the Charizard. After taking down the Charizard switch to Lugia and debuff the leader Zekrom. And then buff Carvee Baton Pass, to Incineroar. Power Trip Spam. If by any chance Incineroar gets hit and gets fainted Oricorio-Sensu can do the rest of the job. If the Incineroar gets fainted Oricorio can do the rest of the job only the first two pokemon have Perfect Body. BTW nature and abilities aren't needed for it.
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  • Arixon
Thanks for this! This'll really help once I get to this arena.
[Image: 808472e14970badc406b06488f224044.jpg]
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