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Improve voting count
I think about the opportunity of adding an option to double appearance chance of legendaries and shinies as a reward for who vote for this game. What do you think? I don't think is overpowered, I mean 0,02% of appearance chance of a shiny for 6 hours is not too much...
this can be a nice option ! for sure people ll enjoy it and try to vote cause this is awesome.
It's cool that players can gain extra reward for voting for the game it helps both the game and the players.
But do they seriously need votes for 44 different sites? I think that is very exaggerated and they should cut that down to half of that for half the reward. And then the last 22 votes for the rest of the reward.

That way even players who are not robots are motivated to vote and can get some rewards every day.

It would help both players and site yet again.
I disagree with this. Shinies should be something rewarding and rare.
well it is not that easy

actually voting really not worth that however other systems that i am planning would give you such rewards Big Grin

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