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Important things to know for newcomers
5 Important Things to know for newcomers:

Hunting: How you do this is to go to the "Pokemon Events Announcements" tab you'll see different pokemon on different maps so go to one that you like and all you do when you get there is just walk around the grass until to see it pop up it may take a while but sooner or later you'll get.

How to get Fly / Surf: Go to a shop that is in every town that you find so go there then go to "buy from NPC" it's under tm / hm to find both then how to use them you gotta get a flying pokemon and add it to your pokemon and that goes for Surf too but instead add the move to a water pokemon.

PvP Board/ Pvp Offer: There are two buttons they are yellow and green one will take you to a board showing people who have attacked others and showing who won. How to offer a PvP battle is going to that green button and it takes you to a spot that will want you to type in that person's name and from there you can PVP depending on if they accept or not. If you can't find anyone to battle you can always do a ranked ELO meaning you can fight random people whether they are on or not.

How to look at your pokemon: First go to where it says "My Account" at the top then go down where it says "Set Pokemon team" then it'll take you to your storage where you can see your pokemon and what you have collected. Then at the bottom, you can see where it says "My Team" and that's where you can evolve your pokemon and see the pokemon details.

Online Player/ Search player: To do this go to the right side at the top and find "Ranking" then the first option is online where you type in the person's name and it shows up only if that person's on otherwise won't show up the name. The other one just shows up everyone whether they are on or not and can always look at there profile.
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