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Idea's for Zone 20 and New Mega Fusion
I have a idea for the zone 20 ^^ since they made some fusion pokemon like lucario mixed with sylveon the idea was how about  Fusion zone and the game will have some fusion megas and msl-fusion of dialga and giratina msl into Mega legendary Diatina  and the fusion megas will be more powerful ^^ when combine
I would like another zone as well, but it needs to be more that just fusions for another zone, 
what about an arena leader, the npc and the map itself what will it look like?
So, I'm having a bit of an issue with getting high conditions. I actually do have a battery in my game, so I can still plant berries, but I don't have any of the special berries from events or such. So, I'd need to be able to make Pokeblocks with just the plain game's available berries.

I'm struggling to get really good stats all-around, since I need to win ALL the contests. I've found some guides for good stats, but they usually recommend it only to pump one stat up and then switch Pokemon for another contest, which obviously isn't an option. Can anyone help me out here?
I think this will be a good article for those who are interested. For me the best part is finding good and live-streaming games
Good idea
I am waiting for it
That's right, I cant wait for this
I have a suggestion for Zone 20: Fusion Zone. The concept was that the game would have some fusion megas and msl-fusion of dialga and giratina msl into Mega Legendary Diatina, and the fusion megas would be more potent when combined.

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