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Hello, my hunting services are now available! Any 0.01 can be found. The only places I won't hunt is caves, or on water, as well as the sky zone( Don't have enough patience but honestly, who does.)

Hunting prices-

Legendary: 550k

Starters: 3.5m

Shiny-Common: 15m 

Shiny-Uncommon: 16m 

Shiny-Rare: 17m 

Shiny-Ultra rare: 18m 

Shiny-Starter: 20

Shiny-Legendary: 25m 

If I wanted to check out my storage and offer on pokemon I already currently own, you may do so.  As well if you wanted to buy random shiny(s) for a lower price I do that as well. 

Regular Shiny
5 random shiny= 55m
10 random shiny= 110m
20 random =220m

Legendary Shiny

5 random shiny= 110m 
10 random shiny= 220m 
20 random shiny= 440m 

WARNING: You will have 2 days to offer to the shiny(s) if not offered, the shiny will be automatically set on the bazaar for the same price. 

To send me a private message (in-game) my username is Moneygiver
(2019-12-06, 03:26 PM)Speak the truth Wrote: Say,we could do some stuf together,eh?
I do biz but no one buys nothin
And Im ading YOU to approvals Smile Thank you
I have very much"stuff".
Pm me in the game, we could talk about it if you like ^

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