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How to get Higher Ranked Pokemon?
1. Starters is the only way to get them is the Reward Shop? How do you get more Silver and Gold Medals? 

2. Is there a way to get Rare, Ultra Rare, Legendary, and Shinies faster or better than just normally walking around taking forever to find them, or do I just use the Attractive Player or Horrifying Player to find these better?

3. Attractive Player and Horrifying Player can I get those in any or certain markets or is the only way to get them would be battling NPC's
Everything now boils down to finances. You don't need to breed unless you want shiny things or something with a low IV. You can buy bcaps to a maximum IV at the Dellibird store, just like you do for any other item you require, whether it be a fighting, training, or evolutionary item. All of those items, including herbs that allow you to change your nature and learn egg moves, are buyable. Here are some guides about Pokemon Crystal to get high rank.

Change to ha (drop from 6* raid) and change tera type (50 tera shards of the desired type, but there is an exploit to speed this up) will cause you the most difficulties.
You can't breed here? I'm confused I don't mean on any other pokemon games just the site?
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Thanks for the guide
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