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Hey there, not sure if anyone would remember me and quite frankly I don't blame you, but I played for a while when I first found this place but never got around to introducing myself. So, with that being said..

I'm Kiss, or whatever you wanna call me tbh. My favourite pokemon is Froslass and if you need me for anything just ask for my Discord and I'll be glad to accept your friend request on Discord c:
[Image: kfsziNj.gif]
Here is Gurvinder. We did not meet before but i remember you because of your unique name and avatar lol. I am not active in the game but i always like to make new friends so when ever you want can add me in you friend list.

Nice to meet you Kiss Smile
Welcome :)
This is just a minor issue I think but lately I have been getting tasks to send gifts and I noticed that it can get very aggravating when you have to click on each friend to see if you can send them a gift. You can't tell someone already has a gift until you click on their name. To me there should be some way we can tell either with tiny gift box icon to show they have a gift from you. You do see an arrow if you sent one but that is only on the same day you sent out a gift. There can still be a handful of players on your list who haven't opened your gift yet. So yeah if they added a tiny gift icon to your friends who have one or they continue to have that sent gift arrow until they open it would make sending gifts so much easier.uc browser shareit appvn
Nice to meet ya'll. I got a question. How do you change your time zone settings on here?

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