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Healthy/Unhealthy pokemon
Their should a option in Pokemon details page. That is that Pokemon is healthy or unhealthy. If he is unhealthy that it suffers from which disease.By this we can able to know that our Pokemon is healthy or not.
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This is not really necessary, specially atm, Cef would be more focused on getting the updates out and improving the game, maybe in V3 but it's really not necessary.
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What A Drag...
who would choose the option of making it unhealthy .....
(2015-08-19, 12:30 PM)Snor Wrote: who would choose the option of making it unhealthy .....
Any body not choose that his or her pokemon is healthy or unhealthy. Cef will decide that which pokemon is healthy or which is unhealthy like iv points.
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it needs more details

also we cant add such system now :d

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