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Im terrible at drawing!
i wanna draw a raticate for some reason!
Practice. That's pretty much the best advice anyone can give you, without paying for a professional drawing course.
But hey, at least you can (probably) draw better than this
(*note, i did not make this artwork. you can find the video of it [youtube]x9R4qSW0QQ8[/youtube]

TheBuzzyBeetle, I just try to see a picture of how this pokemon should look like, then using my favorite graphic-program and start drawing ...try keeping calm with my hand, also using layers within that program will help colouring and set some layers in the back / above all other layers / etc.

I just tried to do my version of it, I didn't had specific things in mind, just the light-pink for its ears and the fur-colour. also about the half of my work, I thought "cute, looks like a hamster..." but I still continued drawing, because I think, that own versions don't have to look exactly like the original.

I didn't stopped my time, but I could calculate it by looking at the saving / edit-date of my file and so it took about 1 hour for the black/white-version and afterwards also with the coloured version. to see the comparison and share my work with all interested users, I will attach that pic below...

btw: mostly faces and sometimes fingers, feet, etc. won't work that perfect, so I just put a fitting text in-front of that parts to get them covered.

If you wanna draw a Raticate well, first I'd recommend just drawing it as well as you can. If it doesn't turn out well, practice. Practice makes perfect, and you need to keep practicing a lot. Most artists take years to get good, there is no overnight way to get good. In practicing, you'll develop your own style and find ways you enjoy of producing art.
I think a good way in improving your drawing skills is practice (as most others have said). What helps me with drawing is looking at other's work and see how they draw. Watching live-streams of the artists in midst of working also helps bring in new ways in how one can achieve a certain style of art. This is how I learned what cell-shading was.

I use references A LOT. And you can use them too. I wouldn't say looking over multiple images while you draw is considered "copying" but a way to keep your mind focused on an idea and for example; with a raticate, having images of raticate beside you while you are drawing make it easier to see how many toes it has, the way its head is shaped etc. without going just from memory.

Hope this helps! Smile
[Image: GuipXM6.png]
I have this need to sketch a raticate.

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