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so i was running the gyms and yet again the npcs are way harder than the gym leader...i think this needs to change...npcs should be 
progressively harder working toward the leader then leader be thougher than npcs...

i think everyone could agree with everyone pleese support
well those guys must be by zones but imho they are to weak so i suport Wink
i am against it...
i like how things are at this point in the game with gyms and npcs Smile
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I agree, they need to be much harder than the ncp's Cool
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agree the leaders are way too weak as compared to npc's so they should be powerful enough to give tough time to players
The leaders need to be harder, they need to be weaker, they are okay, many say this, the reason they are not so hard is cause noobs complained, and Cef decided to lower the difficulty on them. Why they also have type according to the zone the gym is in, for example fire types on the leader of the fire zone gym, but not the trainers.
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They need to be twice the difficulty than the npc's Cool
lol how about adding one star extra to regions difficulty to make this code easier Big Grin
well i believe that npc with diff types of pokes will always b more difficult 2 beat than 1 type poke npc like gym leaders no matter how tough npcs r + gym leaders of last 4 arenas r pretty tough , so i think its good as it is now with no need 2 change
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which gyms you are referring exactly?
yes i agree to u bro
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it true even some members in the gym are stronger than leader
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yes i agree with you. it should be changed. so trainers should be easier to defeat NPC trainers. Smile

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