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Hey guys! So I have been browsing a bunch of other pokemon rpg games seeing what they have so that we can make this game better. Something that interests me is the idea of having a guild bank. So how this works is players can freely donate money to their guild. The money in the guild will stay there unless someone wants to make a deposit. They can then request a deposit that has to be accepted by the guild leader, or co leaders. But for that to work Cefurkan might have to add some official ranks to the guilds. Anyway, the player does not have to return the money (no one wants to be in debt). So we should choose carefully who we make our co leaders. This amount of money in the guild bank should link directly with guild rankings that comes from the guild wars. Now don't get me wrong the guild wars should be the main thing that the rankings rely on, but I believe the amount of gold in your bank should have a slight role in the rankings. So please leave your comments on what you think about this idea and hopefully we can get this idea into action.
i agree with this idea, it is also suggested on the guild wars thread here:

i fully support any additions or improvements that focus on guilds or pvp, and believe those are the key to growing the community...

ps: a guild shop and special currency for it is also suggested in that thread, i think it should also be discussed, great ideas people Smile
yes i plan a lot of additions to the guild
huh pretty nice idea

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