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To be honest, I like the game, but i gotten to the point where the game is not even fun for me anymore due to the intense difficulty, as i am used to playing easier pokesites where this is less of a problem. Honestly, the fact that NPC pokes are way over-powered even compared to my shiny legends, i end up getting locked in combat and even one-hit KO'ed by lower levels. I was fighting a shiny, and i was locked in combat for over 300 turns. I also don't like how enemies can spam a move all they want and i'm stuck with only 5-8 times of usings a move like they can spam. I'm not that much of a hard-core poke-player, but if you want my suggestion, i would make a version for less experienced players. I would be happy to assist in creating it since i been playing games like this for years. After all, I only played less than 5 real pokemon games, and i been playing games like this for over 10 years.
well some people says just the opposite that the game is too easy

very hard to set difficulty for everyone

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