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To be honest, I like the game, but i gotten to the point where the game is not even fun for me anymore due to the intense difficulty, as i am used to playing easier pokesites where this is less of a problem. Honestly, the fact that NPC pokes are way over-powered even compared to my shiny legends, i end up getting locked in combat and even one-hit KO'ed by lower levels. I was fighting a shiny, and i was locked in combat for over 300 turns. I also don't like how enemies can spam a move all they want and i'm stuck with only 5-8 times of usings a move like they can spam. I'm not that much of a hard-core poke-player, but if you want my suggestion, i would make a version for less experienced players. I would be happy to assist in creating it since i been playing games like this for years. After all, I only played less than 5 real pokemon games, and i been playing games like this for over 10 years.
well some people says just the opposite that the game is too easy

very hard to set difficulty for everyone
I am grateful that you shared. This is the very first time that I've stopped by your blog. Really I enjoy your Blog. Keep doing more like this.
I also like this game because it has a variety of interesting Pokemon. But I haven't been able to fully experience this game yet. Its high level is so hard.
I also had this problem as I didn't have much experience and the high levels were a big challenge smash karts
it's so awesome
I can't keep up with the tempo of this game sometimes.
(2021-08-10, 10:37 PM)t83uf8uf398t8u4rt Wrote: if you want my suggestion, i would make a version for less experienced players.Null’s Clash

I think the difficulty bar is set at the right height. The start of the game is not that difficult. And the tutorial is there for beginners with no experience. If they fail to gain experience from the tutorial & early gameplay, then it's not the game difficulty, but players' own ability to not learn the mechanisms of the game. Pokemon line-up, attributes & types, they should check these things before engaging in battles and come up with tactics & strategies to deal with the current pokemon based on its type & attribute. There are elemental advantages.

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