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So I've been playing some other browser based Pokemon games and I've been inspired by the limited time available Pokemon e.g at Christmas etc.  So some Pokemon can only be obtained at certain times of the year. Here is my idea.


Each event will last for 2-4 weeks with new events as well as recurring events. This is up to the Admin to decide which events to run. During this time a certain event Pokemon or multiple event Pokemon will be available. 

To obtain the Pokemon, players are required to do tasks similar to weekly events to gain limited in game currency (e.g at Christmas maybe something like turkeys? idk  Big Grin ) Every day 3 quests will be available to all players, they could range from battling a certain number of npcs/ wild Pokemon, accumulating an amount of gold, hunting shinies and winning ELO battles. Once you complete a quest you will receive some limited in game currency depending on their difficulty.

EASY quests will give - 5 
MEDIUM quests will give - 15
HARD quests will give - 30
EXTREMELY HARD quests will give - 40

 Players will then be able to trade their "turkeys" for limited Pokemon or items.( Say 100 turkeys for a non shiny and something like 200 turkeys for a shiny? idk lol  Big Grin ) After the event ends all limited currency will be deleted. The limited Pokemon will have no stat advantage and they can only be obtained through events so normally we would not be able to hunt them. 



[Image: ZDfvNun.png]


[Image: 5oauj9Q.png]


[Image: O7SIfDx.png]

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[Image: 1zoc7wp.jpg]
i'm with you brother.i myself have sent a pm to the admin asking for something special for christmas like "christmas gift".i mean i thought every game had something like that but sadly,this one doesn't .
The cute Pokemon in Christmas costume will be a good idea for this year's Christmas season
this makes sense

there can be event limited pokemon
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