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I play another pokemon rpg that had an event on halloween that opened a originally locked map building.

So i just got inspiration.

In the ghost city theres this black building real tall with the locked door and i thought "Well, lets open it and make an event pokemon", and i was thinking about making an encounter table this way:

Common: Zubat, Gastly, Galarian Yamask, Shedinja
Uncommon: Galarian Corsola, Haunter, Sableye, Drakloak
Rare: Zubat Halloween(Event duration only), Banette, Misdreavus, Drifblim
Ultra Rare: Silvally Ghost, Dusknoir, Tsareist, Dhelmise
Legendary: Arceus Ghost, Lunala, Marshadow, Hoopa
Shiny: Shiny Hoopa
Event Shiny: Shiny Zubat Halloween(Event duration only)

And it can be 7 days long

And i think we should leave it open for good but after the duration both zubat halloween and shiny zubat halloween will be unobtainable, im talkin no reward shop or anything

And we should give zubat halloween the chance to evolve for the event's duration.

zubat halloween --> (Level 30) golbat halloween --> (Happiness 5000, Level 60, Knows Phantom Force) crobat halloween

shiny zubatween --> (Level 65) shiny golbatween --> (Happiness 5000, Level 90, Knows Phantom Force) shiny crobatween

after event, the remaining encounters will be left there.

lets call it nightmare chapel Big Grin

id appreciate feedback
I absolutely enjoyed it, and I've added it to your blog's bookmarks so you can see what's new; it's a must-read! moto x3m is a traditional motorcycle game with 22 levels ranging from simple to difficult.

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