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Dragon Arena - Pokemon Team
The best two Pokemon for beating dragon arena is Shiny-Giga-Dianeas with Shiny-Mega-Giratina as support. 

Stats: Shiny-Giga-Dianeas
Nature: Modest
Item: Epic Hammer
  •  Moonbeam
  •  Magnet Rise (increases Sp.Atk, Atk, and Speed by 1)
  •  Dragon Pulse
  •  Aura Sphere

  •  HP: 252
  •  Sp.Atk: 252
  •  Sp.Def: 6

Stats: Shiny-Mega-Giratina
Nature: Relaxed
Item: Ghost Orb

  •  Protect (increases Def, Sp.Def, and Evasion by 1)
  •  Shadow Ball (important for decreasing enemy's Sp.Def)
  •  Toxic or Shadow Claw
  •  Dragon Pulse

  •  Def: 252
  •  Sp.Def: 252
  •  HP: 6
[Image: 808472e14970badc406b06488f224044.jpg]
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