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Cities and level-up
I have two questions.

1- Is there a quick way to level up lower leveled Pokemon. My Charizard evolved from my starter and is level 55 now. I wanted to swap out some others I was using with him for others I like such as a Scyther I caught. He is just really low leveled though. Can I do something to help speed its level or do I just have to grind.

2- What are the cities in between the gyms for? Not the ones along the main path. For instance right now I am in zone 4-poison and I'm at Poison Barb Town. Is there any point in going to Recluse Town and Mantella Town? Should I go straight to Death Stalker City, or go by both the others for the EXP?
Get a delibird in yr party holding amulet coin it wastes a slot in your party but it boosts both xp and gold gained. Then give yr team exp shares, Or if its just one poke just one lucky egg. 

Cities are where the gyms are, once you have the badge simply move on to the next zone.

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