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User violating the rules: (CM)Blau

Evidence: Screenshot
rules broken: 14, mod rules: 1 and 3
(When) Date & time: Today 10:30pm est

Additional info:
Just hoping to help the common player when people of authority breaks rules.

Lol blau did nothing wrong, he intervened only on finding rules break, and its natural that cm is a human and will get pissed off if some one asks a repeated question million times from him Big Grin

rule1 counter - lol harrassing one was shiny that time by asking repeated questions
rule 3 counter - blau didn't cracked any joke/comment in listed categories of this rule
rule 14 counter - same as my rule 1 comment
Blais inocent!
Only a little late.
[Image: tyranitar_in_dragon_form_by_black_wing24-d47c29u.jpg]

Beat me? Ha, when Tyranitars fly...

Thank you for bringing this to our attention

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