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Awesome picture I found.
Found this image and thought it would be a good fire and dark Typhlosion evolution or mega evolution to add to the game. 

[Image: FGfvsCUX0As2bCO?format=jpg&name=900x900]

The artist's link:

(I will check replies as soon as possible to make sure the link works this time so the admins can ask the artist for permission but the link should work and take you to the artist twitter.)
Ngl it would look like a Cool Typhlosion EX
Mybe the devs should add EX gems
awesome game i have ever play
Wow, this is cool thank you for sharing.

Designer jacket for kids
it's so cuteeeeeeeeeeee
That's an awesome find! A fire and dark Typhlosion evolution or mega evolution would be a fantastic addition to the game, don't you think? The artistry behind it really captures the essence of what Typhlosion could become. Kudos to the artist; their work is incredible.

Speaking of art, if you or anyone else on the forum loves showcasing art like this, you might want to consider getting it framed. I recently came across this site called Picture Framing Sydney, and they do an amazing job at custom framing. They've got a variety of options for frames and matboards, and you can even do it all online.

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