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Ask Questions Later - Chapter 3 - How To Win Fights (PG)
(NB: I will also introduce a key items status from now on)
(NBB : Remember to vote!)
(NBBB : If you have any complaints pm me, else enjoy the story Big Grin )

Quote:Victory is always possible to those who refuse to give up fighting

 [Image: Screenshot_27.png]

You arrive at Progress City to find the usually busy city empty. A soft breeze echoes silently around the city. You head to the Pokemon Center to find it abandoned. Nevertheless you decide to look around.


After looking in empty houses you head to the gym. To your surprise almost everyone (I'm awful at math but almost means like 99%) is inside the gym. You find Lucky and Queenie inside the gym struggling to get to the center of all the commotion. 

"Whats going on?" you ask, grabbing Queenie.

"I don't know, Look!" she said pointing at Lucky

You see Lucky edging away from the center. Grimacing he walks over to you and Queenie. You ask him what happened. To your dismay he is clutching his arm. 

"Theres a gym battle!" he says.

You are about to ask why its such a big deal when you see a group of suspicious looking thugs walk in. Everyone falls silent. Suddenly a women screams in the background and everyone begins to rush out of the gym. 

"What is going on? Please tell me I'm so confused" you ask running out of the gym with Lucky.

"Thats Team Mandem ugghh, They're here to cause trouble I bet" he said.

"Whats the big deal about the gym battle?" you ask. 

"One of the Team Mandem Admins said that'll hes taking over the gym. The gym leader challenged him to a battle. The grunts that have just walked in are the reinforcements" 

"So?" you ask.

Queenie looks at you.

"Basically we're screwed" (Good Ol' Queenie, always telling you the truth never sugar coating it. What a positive message and how considerate of your feelings )

After a quick snack you see that Team Mandem have taken over the gym and have barricaded the entrance. Luckily the police have just arrived and there is a constant fight between the officers and Team Mandem. You see a Charizard and a Masked Sceptile battling it out. You decide to help out. Lucky agrees much to Queenie's dismay. 

The police are recruiting as many trainers as possible to join the fight. You hurry over to them. One of the officers sees you coming and runs over to meet you.

"No time to explain, force you way into the gym now!"  said the Officer before running off to deal with a Masked Houndoom with his Roserade.

Obeying the officer you force you way into the gym.


After forcing your way into the arena you come face to face with the Team Mandem Admin. To your dismay you see the usual gym leader on the floor bleeding. 

"Stop.. him.." he croaks "He's.. got.. the... Brightstone!" 

With absolutely no idea what the Brightstone was, Lucky began to run at the Team Mandem admin. 2 grunts block his way. Queenie rushed to help him, leaving you with the Team Mandem Admin himself. 

"I'm Team Mandem Admin Gronk!" he roared "And you think a group of kids can bring me down?!"

He holds a glowing stone in his hands. You throw yourself at the Brightstone, almost snatching it out of his hands. 

"Mwahaha! You think you can bring me down?!" he mocks "With this Brightstone Team Mandem can rule the world!"

You challenge him to a Pokemon Battle. 

"Very well, prepare to face the wrath of me - GRONK!!!!" 


"Noooooo!" roared Gronk. "You will not do this to me!" 

Gronk drops the Brightstone. It smashes on the floor. 

To your surprise the Brightstone's fragments begins to glow even brighter. It engulfs you into a veil of radiance. It begins to speak.

"Thank you for freeing me, oh chosen. May luck be with you"  The Brightstone's fragments begins to lose its light, as its light fades a wispy spirit leaves the stone's ruins. It hovers in the air. Suddenly the light flashes. And the spirit is gone. However the Brightstone is whole again but smaller and even more beautiful. You hold the stone to your body and faint.

You wake up in Progress City's Pokemon Center. You see Lucky and Queenie hover over you. Seeing your eyes open. Queenie gives you a massive hug. You sit up. 

"What happened to me?" you ask

"We found you lying unconscious. You were holding this"

Lucky holds up the Brightstone. 

"Tell me what happened?" he asks.

You began to relate your tale. 

After you finish the Samnite Arena Leader walks in. He introduces himself as Sam. And after hearing your tale. He explains that the Brightstone was an ancient gem that is said to contain the spirit of a mystical Pokemon. It was given to humans by the Shining herself. Legend says that the stone will choose a chosen and let the chosen channel its power. 

"No, it cant be" you say.

"Yes, look at your hand" 

You look at your left hand where Sam pointed at. On it you see a glowing blue mark. 

"What must I do?" you ask Sam.

"I don't know. But I do know this. You have been chosen. And ahead of you lies a difficult path. I bid you luck" with that he stalks out of the room.

"What shall I do?" you ask 

"I don't know, I don't care. But I do know this - Its gonna be a lot of fun!" says Lucky excitedly.

"For once he's right." smiles Queenie.

"Then what are we waiting for?" you ask.



Lucky - Victini
Queenie - Vulpix, Stufful.



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"I hate you"  - Cynthia Lord

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