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Ask Questions Later - Chapter 2 - How To Not Get Caught (PG)
(NB : From now on I will introduce a poll to let you guys choose how the story progresses Smile )
(NBB : Also I will conclude with a status of everyone's Pokes so far)

Quote:"Cry and the heavens will open"

[Image: Screenshot_28.png]
You arrive at Lodgepole Town with an unhappy Lucky on your heels. You quickly deliver the package to your grandparents much to their delight. After a hurried tea and biscuits you and Lucky stalk out of the house and into the town itself. You decide to cheer Lucky up by defeating some trainers. (In real life Lucky does enjoy watching people get rekt so Big Grin
After some serious butt kicking, Lucky resolves back into his usual good mood. After a huge ice cream, Lucky suddenly gets annoyed again. He kicks over 4 bins which results in some fist shaking by the locals as well a quick escape from the town. You realize that although you have been breezing past the trainers easily you require a stronger Pokemon to provide some firewpower for your team. Lucky suggests hunting for one before returning home.

On the way home you encounter a group on annoying brats who enjoy annoying you. (Happened Today XD ) After a few not really irritating gestures, one of them a big fat kid of about decide to throw a banana peel at you. You almost slip and fall over. Lucky laughs so hard that he ends up falling over. The brats continue to annoy you until you snap.


After teaching the brats a lesson they run away crying because you defeated them. Lucky shouts a few non inappropriate comments including one about going home to cry to their moms. You return to Starfall Town to heal up.

Queenie joins you while holding her cute Vulpix. Lucky tries to stroke the Vulpix but the Vulpix starts crying when he touched him. Lucky got offended and returned to playing catch with his Victini. With the night drawing in you hear the distant roar of a storm. You wave goodbye to Lucky and Queenie and return to your house.

That night you lose yourself in a mysterious dream... 

In the beginning, there was our Mother. She painted the empty void. She created the stars, the sun, the planets - the universe. She shaped our beings and released the spark of life. For countless millenia, creatures alike evolved and thrived in great peace and harmony. But then came man.

At first man was good. Man looked after the creatures of the land. Man thrived in numbers, until man nearly populated all of Earth. It seemed that Man will forever thrive in harmony. But then came Chaos. Chaos tempted man. Chaos tempted man with riches and power. Man could not resist so man submitted to Chaos. And Man began to arm for war.

Man took what was not his, man bickered and quarreled - worse of all man turned on his own kind. Epic wars were fought. Heroes created and forgotten. Endless battles of no real value nor point. Until the Shining herself revealed herself to the world. As she emerged clad in a garment of radiance light she sang. From her song she soothed man, she calmed the world, she embedded life force back to the Earth. Most importantly she created a pact. Using a language we once spoke but yet have forgotten,She forged the creation of Pokemon trainers. Now man no longer used Pokemon as slaves. Man began companionship with Pokemon. Man learned to love Pokemon. Together they created a new world. Once the Shining saw her task was done, she sang herself to sleep and created the moon for her eternal slumber. 

You wake up. Startled at your weird dream you get out of bed and open your window. All is silent. Suddenly the storm roars. You are surprised the storm spoke to you. 

"Chaos will soon unfold, he is angered at the Shining for imprisoning him. He will return and punish all. Come to me and you will be redeemed, Oh chosen"

You collapse into a deep sleep.

The next day you wake up to the smell of summer. Annoyingly there is a rather angry man at your door. He is hammering the door down - literally. You reluctantly open the door.

"HOW DARE YOU BULLY MY SON!" he yelled. 

You look past him and see the fat boy whom you and Lucky defeated in a Pokemon battle. Agitated you begin to explain yourself. The man did not listen. He insisted on punishing you for bullying his son. Fortunately Lucky happened to be passing by with Queenie and to your great delight begins throwing food at the boy to annoy him. Queenie was confused but she joined in nevertheless. The man got very angry ( Triggered like proper triggered ) and began to chase after Queenie and Lucky. To your surprise he was pretty fast. You hurry after your friends.


To your great dismay Lucky and Queenie had ran on ahead, terrified of the chasing man. The man gave up and returned home. You sigh in relief. Then you quickly decide to head to Progress City.



Lucky - Victini
Queenie - Vuplix

How do you want the story to progress? Vote in the poll!


"I hate you"  - Cynthia Lord

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dude this is awesome!! don't stop
     [Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSTLRXONkHvVSW_ynULCdb...PRciKQStG4]
Quote:"trust is like a eraser,it gets smaller and smaller after every mistake" 

Wow amazing ahaha!
"If being scared makes you stop doing something you love then face it and rise up above all"

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