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Ask Questions Later - Chapter 1 - How To Get Out Of Detention (PG)
Once upon a time  Once there was  In a world  Oh screw these story starters my English teacher gave me. Congrats. This  year you have taught me nothing.

Quote:"Every day is a new day, A new era of opportunity"

It was the beginning of summer. Progress City was full of students hurrying out of the awful school that the awful government provided and made compulsory. It was no surprise that literally everyone was legging it. In fact it was not unusual for the caretakers to start traffic controlling due to everyone's interest in running out of the school screaming. Today was graduation, no wonder everyone wanted to get out.

[Image: Screenshot_27.png]

(For some reason yet unknown, If you have a Pokemon you still have to go to school. Which in my opinion is useless since who cares about  pithagoras  piethagoras  Pythagoras theorem? Surely I don't need to know calculate the area of the triangle during a Pokemon battle? The only use of it in real life tbh is calculating who has the biggest Dorito)

So it was on this day the moment you graduated, Lucky was stuck in detention merely because he said litter duty is a violation of his rights (Tbh it is!). Unfair right? So Lucky did the right thing and took his punishment without word. He would get revenge later. You walk into the detention room. The teacher looks up.

"Hello, and why are you here?" she asks.

You mutter your devilish deed. (Tbh can't be that bad)

"Take a seat" she ordered. She returned to her computer (At my school the teacher look like they are doing work but tbh they're mostly buying shoes or doing whatever they want or if you're my English teacher - buying train tickets.)

You grin at Lucky. He grins back and you know that you're both screwed Tongue but hey last detention ever Tongue    

After the detention you return to your home of Starfall Town along with Lucky. You see your friend Queenie having trouble with some Pokemon. 


You quickly chase off the annoying Pokemon, much to Queenie's delight. 

"Thank youuuu" She said smiling "They were annoying me so much LOL".

Lucky looked at her.

"No one says LOL anymore, you just ruined my day." he said looking extremely crestfallen.

Queenie was confused. After a hurrying conversation with her, you swiftly head to the Pokemon Center to heal. Lucky follows you appearing to be really hurt that Queenie actually said LOL out loud. (Tbh who wouldnt?). Good ol' Queenie now you put Lucky in a bad mood, he won't buy donuts. Which is just great. Considering you just spent your last day in high school - in detention. What else could possible go wrong? You promised your parents that you would deliver a package to your grandparents in Lodgepole Town. With an unhappy Lucky on your tail. You reluctantly head to Lodgepole Town.


"I hate you"  - Cynthia Lord

[Image: 1zoc7wp.jpg]
haha LOL. me likely!!
     [Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSTLRXONkHvVSW_ynULCdb...PRciKQStG4]
Quote:"trust is like a eraser,it gets smaller and smaller after every mistake" 

"If being scared makes you stop doing something you love then face it and rise up above all"


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