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Hi! I'm a new user here, and i've been playing for a few days now. I was thinking of ways I could get more gold, and while browsing the forum I found the user service forum! So of course I thought, "how about I sell art here?"

Here's some of my art:
[Image: homesick___lapis_lazuli_by_poke_chann-dawlx2g.jpg][Image: thousand_year_wiegenlied_by_poke_chann-dbfcwow.jpg][Image: what_makes_a_human__by_poke_chann-dazns4j.jpg][Image: sketch_commission_4_by_poke_chann-dagg878.jpg]

I've been drawing for quite a long time so I think it should be worth a decent amount, though how much is still up for debate as far as I'm concerned.

here are the different "tiers" of art, ordered from 'worth the least' to 'worth a lot'"

-Headshot sketch
-half body sketch
-fullbody sketch
-flat color headshot (no shading)
-flat color half body
-shaded headshot
-flat color full body
-shaded half body
-shaded full body

I'm not doing any backgrounds besides simple patterns!
Please offer, I'll gladly make custom user icons as well!

All will be done digitally unless the customer asks otherwise.
are you selling your art for game gold ?
(2017-09-13, 04:03 PM)GurvinderS1666 Wrote: are you selling your art for game gold ?

wow! nice art 
good luck  Smile
great post

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