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Maybe multiple,idk...
1.Mega Fusions
U know how we have Fusions?Course ya do.But they dont Mega.I want them to.(Plz rate and comment the thread)
2.Increase chances
Well,wat I mean is increase % of finding(Chart below)
Legend: 0.04%>0.06%
Ultra Rare: 0.08%>0.10%
Shiny: 0.01%>0.03%
And a certain amount of steps to help find things in grass:
Legend: 1250 steps
Ultra Rare: 650 steps
Shiny: 1950 steps
3.New chat places
We could have a Suggestion Chat with unlimited room to type your suggestion in type box and u dont gotta make too much use of forumSmileBut we some1 in charge of reporting suggestions in forum so CeF can read in forum instead of gameBig Grin
More when I might think of it.
Don't forget to have a look at the hand-etched art deco murals in the foyer and the Venetian plaster walls.
You're right. I agree that
thanks for the kind information
I agree
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