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Adjustment of Silver Medal System
As suggested by Kane001

Currently the system makes it too easy to get a powerful pokemon without much effort. 

The new suggestion is that all silver medal pokemons should have random IVs and possibly a random nature. 

To be fair to people who spent gold to mega a pokemon, it would need to be devolved, but the returned gem would be account bound to prevent abuse.
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also that account bounded gem is one time use only. Once it used over a pokemon that pokemon will become account bounded as well which cannot be de-evolved again to obtain the gem.
so it is like this CeF will randomize the IVS of current silver medal pokemons and player will get back the gems they used over those account bounded pokemon.
These account bounded pokemon will still be account bounded pokemons but with random IVs and random nature. The gems obtained during randomization will be account bounded only and can only be used once and the pokemon over these gems will be used they will become account bounded too (this ensures there will be no system abuse) and those account bounded pokemon can never be de-evolved again.
And after that every silver medal pokemon will have random IVs and random nature too.^^

this randomization process is only for silver medal pokemon. Gold Medal pokemon will still be same like before. Now if player really needs rb pokemon they have earn gold medal and in order to do so they have to use referral system Big Grin
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too much work
turning current ones into simple form and adding mega gems etc

you should have told that at the very beginning
If you could have Pokemon in the real world as pets, what would you have and why? One rule: it can't be a height taller than you (length doesn't necessarily matter, so Dragonair and Furret are fine) and it's only used as a household pet. I watched Ace Trainer Liam's video a couple hours ago and agree with a few, like Rotom, who would be able to charge your phone in an instant, microwave some food if you don't have one, or even possess your car to drive around if it's not working. Personally, I'd have either a Growlithe, Vulpix (Alolan or Kantonian, not sure) or Eevee, just out of sheer cuteness and the loyalty they have to the trainer. Plus, the first 2 could be useful to light fires at campswith scouts, keep me warm, etc.
too much work
turning current ones into simple form and adding mega gems etc

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