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Hello everyone Tongue

I was just wanting to start offering a few services in game. These services will come at a small price based on said service which ill list below.

This service will include be for any none shiny pokemon that is currently available for capture at all times.  I may decide to take jobs for event spawns and shiny's in the future.  Limit to 1 monster at a time.

Common - Rare: Specific natures and IV's request only otherwise they are easy enough to catch for everyone >.>
Ultra Rares:   
 Basic only the pokemon 75k
 Specific natures 175k
 Specific IV's select any 2 to be 20+ 200k
 Both 350k

 Basic only the pokemon 500k - 1m                                                      

This simple service will be priced based on Level Gain rate not rarity. Limit 3 at a time.

  1. Fast - 500k
  2. Medium Fast - 750k
  3. Medium Slow - 1m
  4. Slow - 1.5m
  5. S. Slow - 2m
  • For limited time I will be offering 1 free service for every 10 services requested   
  • Requesting both a Hunt and a level service for the expected pokemon will recieve 10% off the combined price.  
Thanks Magus! Really helps when I'm pressed for time and you're really fast! Plus your prices are reasonable! Thanks for the help! Big Grin
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