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i want more friends in my 3ds :D
Hello, how are you?

What game you have in the 3DS of Pokémon?

Thank you.

~ Aharon
[Image: NocqWMV.jpg]
I have a ink farm set up using Silentwisperer's tutorial and I realized one issue I find I cant quite get around is my sorter will get full of Cod a lot faster than anything else and I was just trying to find a way to allow the sorter to put the cod after a desired amount into an incinerator?

I suck at explaining things, but using a hopper sorter and water streams, the items flow in so much, I had to loop the hopper's around into themselves because there was too much items flowing in. That fixed that problem, but after AFKing for about 6 hours, the farm was clogged with Cod.

There must be a way to do this without just sending all Cod to an incinerator. I just want enough Cod to sell, and then the excess to be burnt.

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